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Weight: 60 g

Our moisturising VEGAN PET WONDER BALM is perfect for dry or crusty noses, sore and cracked paw pads, calloused elbows, or irritated skin. So is a great addition to your pets 1st aid kit. This is handmade and all natural with no nasties. Safe to lick and is unscented.

Our balm is made with Shea butter ,Andiroba oil ,hemp oil and comfrey root extract. Hemp oil contains Omega 3 and 6 and is a great source of high quality nutrients for skin health.

Andiroba oil is clinically proven to antifungal and anti bacterial plus has great effects on tics and flies and mosquitoes that bother pets.

Shea butter is naturally high in rich vitamin a ,e and f which contribute to healthy skin cell growth and reduce inflammation.

How and when to apply:

Dogs tend to lick their noses, especially around feed times, so we recommend using the nose balm after your dog has eaten. Apply to clean dry skin as often as needed. In the first instance apply morning and night and 1-2 extra times during the day. But do not worry our balm is safe to lick. 

Cats also have the similar tendencies and our balm is safe to use on both cats and dogs.

Dry noses

A dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean your pet is unwell, but it could indicate an allergy or irritant. The main reasons why your pets nose is dry could be due to allergies or sunburn, from excessive licking, age or perhaps dehydration. However, if they are showing any other symptoms that concern you its best to get them checked out by a vet.

Dry noses can be sore for your pet so a moisturising and hydrating nose balm can help relieve the discomfort. Using our vegan pet wonder balm can help keep the nose moist, prevent it from cracking and help sooth any irritation. As the balm is going on their nose, we have ensured our balm is unscented so  being dog and cat-friendly in case it is licked off.

If your pet likes to stay snuggled up to a fireplace or a radiator during the winter months, they may leave themselves at risk of a dry nose. So be prepared with some balm on stand by.

Paws and hot weather

It’s always best to walk either early in the morning or later in the evening, out of the day’s summer heat. But if in doubt check the pavement with the back of your hand to see if it will be comfortable to walk on. Amazingly At 25 degrees Celsius the pavement can reach up to 50 degrees, hot enough to burn those delicate paws.

If your pet’s paws have become too hot, allow to cool and then soothe and moisturise the area with a paw balm to calm irritation. It may be worth moisturising the paws daily during the height of summer to help prevent cracked dog paws, rough paw pads or injuries such as cuts.

Your dog’s pads are their only defence against terrain, it is so important to care for their pads and prevent irritated paws. Similar with winter cold burns.


Like us humans dogs and cats can be effected by the changes in the environment. Pollen and other factors can irritate and cause itchy sore skin.

Our dog balm can help repair and calm irritated areas on the skin and paws and discomfort. But again if you are unhappy with your dogs health please do consult a vet.

Skin folds

Breeds like French or English bulldogs, Pugs and Shar Pei’s have skin folds which can become irritated and painful if cracked or too humid. Skin fold dermatitis is also very common in these wrinkly breeds and symptoms may include loss of hair, redness and inflammation.

Using our natural balm will help to calm any irritation and aid skin repair.

Everyday wear & tear

Pets love to play, and explore, like checking out rabbit holes or  going at 100 miles an hour, irrespective of the terrain. The pets normal behaviour leads to general wear and tear on their bodies. Whether it be on their paws, skin or nose our vegan pet wonder balms will help with skin renewal and soothe irritated areas, grazes and dryness.

Over all it is truly a wonder balm and vegan and unscented perfect for both cats and dogs.

Suitable for human use too ,We are quite often scratched accidently by our pets and this balm is well suited to soothe our skin from occasional scratching and biting. 



Butyrospermum parki (Shea butter),Cannabis sativa seed oil (Hemp oil), Palm free stearic acid, Carapa Guaianensis Seed oil (Andiroba oil),Comfrey root extract and vitamin E.

Customer Reviews

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Alex N
Soothing and Moisturising

This applies smoothly and both dogs and horses are happy to have it on. There's no strong smell. It works well on my mare who has sweet itch and soothes the iritated and dry skin. Good for any little rubs or irritations. You could also use it as a highlighter in the show ring for the muzzle and eye area.