Human body is amazing with each and every part and organ has its own function and use and skin being the biggest organ of the body has fascinating facts about it.

Arm pits are that tucked away part of our body with hairy and odour and we all hate it.

But arms pits or the axilla has a very important role to play in body detoxification and hosts the most important organ for immunity the lymph nodes..

The armpit is full of clusters of lymph nodes which protect the body from diseases and help to detoxify. 

Armpits are full of epocrine sweat glands and produce much dense and thick sweat when compared to the eccrine  sweat glands the other parts of the body have.

Due to being in a closed and sweaty and hairy environment our arm pits host a lot of different bacteria and has its own microbiota ...not all bacteria is bad and arm pits do have some healthy bacteria which have a role to play in detoxification. 

Enough of armpit science let's dive into deodorants and the ingredients natural deodorants have and the effects it will have on the skin microbiota .

The common ingredients you find in natural deodorants are 

1. Baking soda: So iam gonna talk about skin PH again ,baking soda has a PH of 9 and it will mess the skins acid mantle and it will make skin more prone to dryness and irritation and infections too..More over baking soda will kill all kinds of bacteria the good and bad one and it is really not recommended by dermatologists too. Baking soda in deodorants is a huge no no.

2. Magnesium: Magnesium is safe to be used in the deodorants but it again works as the same way as the baking soda by altering the skins natural ph and acid mantle.but this is a much safer and better option than baking soda.

What we use?

Zinc ricinoleate: Made from castor seeds this magical ingredient is the perfect odour neutraliser and works by trapping the odours and making them odourless so it is not a antiperspirant nor changes the skins microbiota which is very important for our underarms.

Mechanism of sintra deodorant :

Shea Butter : Provides the necessary moisturisation for the skin and has some antibacterial properties which is quite beneficial.

Grape seed oil : Helps in making the spread of the deodorant more easy and acts as a soothing conditioner too.

Candelilla wax : Vegan wax which gives the hardness to the deodorant and  helps to make it a push up tube .

Zinc Ricinoleate : the star ingredient which neutralizes the odour and gives 24hrs protection against bad smell.

Non nano Zinc Oxide : Zinc oxide has anti microbial function and helps to reduce the growth of bad bacteria .

Essential Oils: lavender and geranium give an amazing floral scent and help us relax and rejuvenate.

Arrow root powder : this amazing gluten free ingredient reduces the greasiness the shea and candelilla wax can bring to the end product.


If you are looking to move on to natural deodorants than look no further than our vegan odour neutra stick and take the 24hrs odour free challenge.






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