Our story

Sintra Journey

My love for natural skin care began from a early age ,growing up in india we always used natural ingredients for our skin care routine like soap nuts for hair washing and chickpea flour or rice flour for washing your body.

I was always intrigued by the way  formulations work ,reading the ingredients labels on the skin care products I buy and experimenting different formulations.

My passion slowly started to become my journey towards my own natural skin care brand when I became a mother and my son was allergic to shop bought baby soaps and lotions. I tried high end natural beauty formulation and most of them still contained synthetic fragrances and additives ,that’s when I joined  natural skin care formulations course and cold process soap making classes I never looked back since .


My passion now is to offer affordable high quality natural skin care products to everyone .My mantra is that  the term “NATURAL” shouldn’t have to be expensive.

We can achieve natural goodness at reasonable prices .



 Founder Sintra Naturals

How are we different:

Our skin is the largest living breathing organ of our body, my simple policy is if an ingredient is not deemed for human consumption it should not be in our skin care routine.

That’s why we don’t use synthetic fragrances or additives in any of soaps or creams.


We take sustainability very seriously that’s why there are no essential oils in my soaps ,Any ingredient in my soap and creams brings some skin loving properties it is not there just for aesthetic purposes .Making essential oils is a very labour intensive and strain on the nature so we have to use them only when they bring their therapeutic properties.

In cold process soap during saponification all the properties of the essential oils evaporate they are there just to give us some mild scent if used.


All my soaps are cold process hand made retaining the glycerine which the skin absolutely loves . I don’t use water I use coconut milk in all my soaps which makes them extra nourishing. My soaps are simple with shea, olive oil ,coconut oil and coconut milk.


All my body butters and cleansers are handmade with perfection ,the ingredients  sourced from high quality suppliers . I kept formulas simple and skin loving without any unnecessary irritants .


I will not claim that my products will heal any skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis but they are definitely gently enough to bring relief.


Packing :

All our packaging is plastic free and either recyclable or biodegradable.Soaps are packed in reusable organic food grade cotton bags which can be used for  many purposes.


Body butters are packed in amber glass jars which are 100% recyclable ,we have to choose amber bottles to preserve the body butters naturally with out adding anything preservative.


Gift boxes are also tin and I avoided branding the tins so that the customer can use it for various purposes later on.  


Our postal packaging is also plastic free and i try to repurpose packaging materials where ever possible.