I don't have pets but my son loves dogs and he is constantly seeking them in parks and outdoor spaces which got me talking to many dog and cat owners and after stating my profession as cosmetic formulator they all had one question what do you think is gentle and soothing for pets.

I am not a professional VET or dermatologist so i started doing my research on differences between human skin and pet skin ..first of all they are hairy and are exposed to environmental factors more than us .And they are prone to tics ,fleas and itchy skin which can be quite uncomfortable to them.

Then i started studying the PH of the pets and humans which is the basis of any formulation we always test the PH of our end product so that it is in range which is acceptable to humans.

PET skin is much more thinner than human skin our skin 2 or 3 time more thicker as we don't have the thick hair mantle as the pets ,that's why pets are more prone to irritation when harsh chemicals like sulphates are used. 

And when you use cold process soap technique made pet shampoos their PH is around 9 to 10 .Where as some dog breeds have a PH of maximum 9 as the pet skin PH depends upon the breed of the animal .The average is 7 so the soap bar shampoos have way higher PH and will disrupt the skin mantle in the long run and ruin their shiny glossy coat.

So what i did:

I choose the surfactants same as the my human shampoo bar:

Sodium cocoyl isotheionate and coco glucoside which are very mild coconut based surfactants and are approved as natural substances .Both these surfactants are bio degradable and very gentle even approved in baby products.

Then i added NEEM oil which is used  externally in pet products from centuries for its natural antifungal,antibacterial,anti inflammation,anti septic the uses are endless and the best part is it provides extreme mositurisation.

Then i choose charcoal which removes odours and impurities and brightens both white and coloured coats.

Then i added D panthenol which is pro vitamin B5 which helps to avoid drying and gives extra shine and gloss to the fur and soothes the pet skin.

All the ingredients in our shampoo are extremely safe and well balanced for pets.

And finally NO ESSENTIAL OILS i have to stress this again and again don't use essential oils on pets unless they have been professionally blended by a qualifies aromatherapist taking into your pet welfare personally. so i decided to stay away from them due to their dangers to pets if administered or used without caution ..if a pet accidentally licks or eats the shampoo bar it can be fatal with aromatherapy oils in it.

I am so happy with this end products i am proud to sell it and i am thankful for the amazing reviews too.






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