I was always obsessed with hair care routines and used to try loads of products and DIY recipes and still am obsessed with DIY .

Hair and scalp are complex organs and require special care and treatment..Lets talk a bit about hair structure.

Hair is an accessory organ of the skin made of columns of tightly packed dead keratinocytes found in most regions of the body. The few hairless parts of the body include the palmar surface of the hands, plantar surface of the feet, lipslabia minora, and glans penis. Hair helps to protect the body from UV radiation by preventing sunlight from striking the skin.  Hair also insulates the body by trapping warm air around the skin.

The structure of hair can be broken down into 3 major parts: the follicle, root, and shaft. The hair follicle is a depression of epidermal cells deep into the dermis. Stem cells in the follicle reproduce to form the keratinocytes that eventually form the hair while melanocytes produce pigment that gives the hair its color. Within the follicle is the hair root, the portion of the hair below the skin’s surface. As the follicle produces new hair, the cells in the root push up to the surface until they exit the skin. The hair shaft consists of the part of the hair that is found outside of the skin.

The hair shaft and root are made of 3 distinct layers of cells: the cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The cuticle is the outermost layer made of keratinocytes. The keratinocytes of the cuticle are stacked on top of each other like shingles so that the outer tip of each cell points away from the body. Under the cuticle are the cells of the cortex that form the majority of the hair’s width. The spindle-shaped and tightly packed cortex cells contain pigments that give the hair its color. The innermost layer of the hair, the medulla, is not present in all hairs. When present, the medulla usually contains highly pigmented cells full of keratin. When the medulla is absent, the cortex continues through the middle of the hair.

Determined by measuring the diameter of the medulla and dividing it by the diameter of the hairMedullary index for human hair is generally less than 1/3. For animal hair, it is usually greater than 1/2.Lets not go deep into medullary index as it is very complicated subject and will need lot of pages to explain.

What i am saying is that scalp health is very important for over all hair health and growth and texture and using sulphate and silicone rich hair products blocks the follicles thereby disconnecting the connection between the root and the tip so the hair slowly starts to weather down and become life less and eventually falling.

To obtain optimum natural keratin levels we need to moisture the scalp and treat it with great respect , oiling the scalp is so much needed and massaging the scalp leads to blood flow to the root thereby rejunitaving it.

The above picture explains the structure of the hair briefly from inside out .The hair structure of an adult is divided into three parts: shaft, root and bulb. The shaft is the visible, outer part of the follicle, with an average thickness of 65-78 microns in an adult. The root, a part that is usually not visible, within the follicle itself, is located in the skin between the ostium of the follicle and the insertion point of the arrector pili muscles. The bulb, even deeper than the root and located at the base of the root of the hair follicle, contains two-three layers of cells undergoing fast reproduction in its lower part: these constitute the matrix. The matrix cells are the only germinal cells. As they reproduce, the matrix cells push those born previously outward. As they emerge, the cells process the keratin going towards the "keratinization process", thereby becoming progressively more rigid. 

For this hair growth and retainment cycle to happen the scalp and hair node should be in harmony and if abuse the scalp with chemical loaded products the cycle is disturbed and we end up in a hair mess.Internal hormonal and dietary habits also play a major role i am just talking about the external factors apart from environmental damage.

Please follow these simple steps for healthy scalp:

Use our scalp repair oil once a week and massage it into the scalp and leave it at least for 1 hour best leave it over night.

Wash with luke warm water with our sulphate free vegan shampoo

use our chemical free conditioner bar if needed to control the frizz

less styling and blow drying but if you cant avoid it use of hair serum which will provide a protective barrier and use the heat machine away from scalp.

We make the best chemical free vegan hair products at a affordable price which actually work.


please try them to believe them.

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