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I always liked to shop for gifts for my friends and family, seeing the suprise on their face used to give me immense joy..I always think that I am a giver I get pleasure in giving.

In all years of buying gifts wrapping them ...making them look perfect the amount of waste I created was staggering. 

 I recently read the statistics of the amount of waste we create during the holiday season ...the numbers were staggering...83 square kilometers of wrapping paper will be thrown out that's equal to wrap the island of jersey.

An extra 30% waste is created during the festive season which includes the cardboard boxes the gifts come on .plus the card board box the gift is posted..that's like doubling the load of recycling..

Recycling is very expensive even though using card board is environmentally friendly as we have biodegradable options ...landfills do cost at sintra we try our level best on creating any kind of waste.

Going 100% waste free is practically not possible in this day and age so we concentrate more on the reusing options.

So we created 2 beautiful gift sets where the packaging can be reused.

One gift set comes in a tin box which can be used to store various is food grade so perfect to store biscuits and candy too or you can use it store all your bar soaps or shampoo bars.The uses are endless.

The other luxury gift set comes in a hand made wooden box which can be reused to store your precious keep sakes like photographs or baby memories or any of your precious jewellery or stones practically anything.

We minimised the branding too so if you want to use the gift box to re gift you can do that too.

My dream of creating a zero waste sustainable products is slowly taking shape and I am very proud of my gift sets.

Hope you all like them.

Thank you

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