MY pursuit for eco friendly dish washing has been going on for years. We live in a rented property and have a dish washer installed but I never liked the idea of dish washer running for an hour consuming so much energy and technically water too.

You might save time ,your hands might thank you but I was always obsessive about conserving energy switching of lights was my favourite , It really annoys my husband but wasting energy or anything for that matter was never really my thing.

I grew up composting the food waste for plants , upcycling my brothers clothes to fit me ,I even had a upcycled bicycle which was made into ladies bike by cutting the extra bar of it.

So I always washed dishes by hand ,But all shop bought detergents were harsh on hands and my husband had very sensitive hands and the idea of residue left on the plates and the amount of chemicals being washed up into sewers creating foam flooding in the rivers was a big nightmare for me.

So I started working on a formula for creating the most eco friendly natural dish washing bar ,At first I thought I would create a solid bar and when I used a solid bar bought online from a zero waste store was becoming difficult to use due to constant wetting I wanted something else then I came across a French dish washing cake called CAKE VAISSELLE I really liked the ingredients they used and that it can be stored in a reusable glass jar made it perfect.

The ingredients I used were all plant based and I was surprised to see that the main ingredient I use sodium coco isothienate is called baby foam and is approved to be used in commercial baby soaps.( This is where my belief for cold process soap is deepened everytime) the amount of synthetic surfactants used by general bar soaps is staggering.

So I put together the best eco friendly ingredients which are available and completely bio degradable and harmless and made the dish washing paste . Baking soda and vinegar has been used successfully used for cleaning from centuries with out any harm to the environment and finally I added lemon essential oil for it antibacterial and cleaning properties.

The best way to use the paste to clean dishes perfectly:

1 . Don’t leave food waste on the plates or dishes .
2 . just rinse them in water and put away for washing later or present.
3 . Take a little paste on to the silicone or natural sponge run it under water or on to the dish bowl and clean the utensils use more paste when needed.

The paste will dry it self when left open without leaving any mess on the sink top.

Even my husband who is great believer of worldly comforts approves it lol.

His hands has been never better and the dishes squeaky clean.

I don’t advocate not to use dishwasher or anything else I just prefer washing by hands and its everyone’s own choice based on their needs and comforts but I do recommend trying it once before discounting it .

Thank you

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