How are Sintra Products Sustainable

We founded Sintra on three values




Natural skin care

So what do we mean by sustainable products?

In our regular skin care products either natural or not have ingredients in them which are there for aesthetic reasons or to make the products cheaper .

For example:

In soaps they add mica to make them look beautiful in different colours ,so we need to ask ourselves do we need soaps to look so colourful ?It makes sense to colour make up as it has a purpose but colouring soap with synthetic or natural micas do not bring any benefit to the end product.

So it is not a sustainable process of soap making.We at sintra colour our soaps with ingredients which bring benefit to the end product 

Pink colour in our rose soap is from french pink clay which has healing properties 

Green colour in matcha green purity is matcha tea and I dont even have to explain the benefits of this super food matcha

Our lavender soap is coloured by alkanet root which is great for skin nourishment 

The same principle applies to using essential oils in soaps which is explained in my previous blog post.

We do add essential oils in our body butters where we can experience the amazing healing properties of these oils.

It is very important for us here in sintra to reduce our foot print in all types of pollution. 

All our packaging is also sustainable as the glass jars can be reused and the soap wraps are biodegradable. 

Even our gift sets come in Tin boxes continuing our reusable theme.

We tried to minimize branding where possible so that the customers can reuse the packaging in the ways they want.

I will be writing a blog post on how to remove labels from glass jars easily so that you can even use the jars for gifting.


Thank you for supporting us.


With love




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