My love for homemade Skin Care and Hair Care started very young ...I used to go through various magazines and newspapers to educate myself about various store cupboard ingredients we can use to make various products for skin and hair care.. 

These are the few of my recipes for hair and skin care which has been tried and tested for generations and work well ..


Facial mask for oily skin:

1: Yogurt and Honey and cinnamon face mask:

1 Table spoon  Natural yogurt ( sour )

1 Teaspoon Manuka honey 

1 pinch of ground cinnamon 

Mix all together and apply on the clean washed face and let it try for 20min and wash off with luke warn milk or cold water.


Facial mask for dry skin:

1 Table spoon oat flour or ground flour

1 Table spoon almond flour or ground soaked almonds

1 pinch of ground coffee

Mix it with any kind of milk plant or goats milk or cream ..apply onto the face and leave for 20min after drying try massage onto face which will give a slight scrubbing effect...This is a well tested facial mask which will clear the uneven skin tone too.

Facial mask for glowing skin :

 1 Table spoon mashed ripe papaya

  1 Table spoon of potato juice 

  1 Table spoon of kaolin clay

Pinch of tamarind paste ..Mix everything and apply on to face and leave for 20min and then wash off and massage with alovera gel..This mask makes the skin glow and I highly recommend it for any pre party or wedding day. 


Best ACNE remedy :

Crush some fresh mint and and green tea leaves and mix it with honey and apply onto the acne and spots and you will see results in few weeks...


Best after sun treatment :

Brew some organic chamomile tea until it is reduced significantly...let it cool and then mix with plain natural high fat yogurt  or just rice flour with tea spoon of honey or mashed inside of a cucumber and apply it to the sun burn areas you will get instant relief and skin will be rejuvenated .



Best body scrub recipe:

Walnuts and Almonds


Blue berries

Olive oil

Soak the walnuts and almonds over night in milk , remove them from milk and grind them to a coarse powder on their own not with milk..

Take any coffee granules or left over coffee grains from your machine and add them...Squash some blue berries and make them into coarse paste ...Mix all these ingredients in olive oil to make them to a thick paste leave it for a hour and then starts scrubbing your whole body..

You will get satin finish smooth glowing skin..



Home Keratin smooth hair mask:

1 small cup sour natural set yogurt with the water in it.

1 Table spoon honey 

Rice flour enough to make it a thick paste 

Apply this paste to scalp and hair before washing your hair leave it for an hour and wash with sulphate free shampoo..

This hair mask works amazingly well to balance the scalp sebum levels and the probiotics in the sour yogurt and water keep the scalp healthy.

Honey is a great humectant and gives the hair shine and bounce .Rice flour is rich with flavonoids which promote the hair growth and make hair silky too.

This is my must go to hair masks ...which is less messy , easy to make and rinses off well and suitable for all hair types..

I really don't recommend any other hair masks as sometimes too much of protein can offset the hairs natural until you are prescribed a hair mask by a qualified trichologist ..stick to this basic mask.


I recommend to oil your hair at least once a week before shampoo even if you have oily or dandruff prone scalp..just leave it on for a hour and shampoo for better hair results.


Best black and whiteheads removing technique:

Steam the face with any dried tea leaves and then scrub the nose with an mild facial scrub and use the steel black head removal tool or scrapper .

Wipe of with witch Hazel and apply alovera gel ...


 Best vaginal flush or cream for Vaginal Atrophy:

(This is just a home remedy and I am not a qualified professional and this is not a cure)

Vaginal Atropy is a common problem we all women encounter when we reach a certain age and it can be very painful and decrease our confidence levels a lot.

Try these home remedies for some level of relief please always consult a doctor before trying this..

Brew organic fennel tea until it reduces let it cool.Mix it with 100% pure alovera gel and apply .

You can freeze the reduced fennel tea and make ice cubes and use it as a cold compression gives a lot of relief for any burning or vaginal pain.


Best underarm and inner thighs whitening:

Potato juice ( grate a raw potato and squeeze the juice) mix it with rice flour and pinch of tamarind paste and apply leave it for 10min and then scrub the area ..apply alovera gel after wards..

You can make ice cubes with raw potato juice and rub under eyes and any dark patches on your skin and body .Raw potato juice is a excellent natural bleach.


Best under eye treatment:

Any kind of ice cubes treatment is best for undereye..freeze some diluted organic coffee into ice cubes and rub them under and all over the eye..

Same thing works with :

Chamomile tea

Cucumber juice

Milk mixed with honey and turmeric. 

Massage these ice cubes everyday for a even and brightened eyes.



Hope you all enjoyed reading my home made DIY recipes...and please try them out and let me know ..


Thank you





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